Courtney & Hunter Married!!!! Little Rock Wedding Photographer

June 25, 2012

Before I introduce the gorgeous couple to you, I want to make a photographer’s side note… I don’t do this often, but sometimes I just feel the need to explain myself and my craziness. As a person who loves her job, narrowing down a wedding (which sometimes includes over 1,000 images) to 15-20 for the blog is almost an impossible task. Especially when a bride has put as much time into planning her wedding as Courtney did.  I know other photographers also struggle with this, but probably not in the same severity as me. I don’t know if this is because I form relationships with my brides and feel like I want my “new friend” to have a lot of images to hold her over until she is given her final images, or if I’m just a complete nut case who spends way too much time editing and blogging. I’m probably leaning towards the latter.  Either way, I know I can’t “give in” and blog as many images as I want as often as I’d like, or I would have even less of a life than I do now, and my husband would send me to work-a-holic therapy. So, normally I try to keep the craziness to a minimum and blog 15-20 images from a wedding or 10-15 for a bridal session. If you are still reading (I’m impressed) but you are probably wondering the reason I am telling you all of this. You see, the reason is because I needed to explain why it may take you an hour to scroll through this next blog post… let’s just say, I gave in and blogged almost as many images as I wanted to. (I am lying because I really wanted to blog twice as many as this, but just couldn’t bare to do that to all of you.) So, scroll through quickly if you don’t have much time, or if you are one of the MANY who have been excited to see Courtney + Hunter’s wedding images, grab a cup of coffee and get comfy. Really, really comfy……..

COURTNEY & HUNTER were married June 2, 2012 at Belgian Meadows in Little Rock. I feel so blessed to have been apart of their wedding and the year leading up to it. Courtney  had SO many unique ideas and we ran with them. If you attended the wedding and saw the images displayed on the groom’s cake table, you already know what I mean. If you weren’t able to be there, that post is for another day…. 🙂

Courtney & Hunter’s wedding was one straight off of the craftiest persons you know pinterest boards.  I mean, I really don’t think I could have dreamed up any other unique ideas that would’ve made this day any more spectacular. All of the details had a meaning behind them, many being family heirlooms or having family sentimental value. All of these things were just the icing on the cake to Courtney & Hunter’s love for each other. The love and respect these two have for each other is one of the first things you notice when you see them together. I couldn’t be happier for these two and wish them a lifetime of happiness. Congratulations Courtney & Hunter, and thank you for letting me be apart of this wonderful time in your lives! Oh, and next time you take a trip to Bora Bora, I will gladly take you up on the offer to tag along and photograph the journey….:)

Hunter’s wedding band is his grandfather’s wedding band, the late Mr. Roy W. Hunter, and the bracelet (pictured below right) Courtney wore holds the wedding band of her Great Grandfather, Asa Backus, and her Grandfather, Howard Lee Backus. The ring is 109 years old.

This next shot of the most pinterest-worthy wall I’ve ever seen, was taken by Lori Sparkman of Lori Sparkman Photography! She ROCKS and it was so much fun having her work with me on this gorgeous weekend!

Details….YES PLEASE!!! Courtney & Hunter and their families worked so hard in  making sure every detail was perfect. The best part is that so many of them (as you’ve read about above) have such special meaning behind them! It was so neat to know that almost everywhere you looked there was an item that was of personal value to their families. It really shows how much family means to both Courtney & Hunter!!!

The suitcase used for “cards” (pictured center left) is the bride’s grandfather, Dr. Michael Joseph Pickering, that he used in the Korean War.

 The earrings that the bridesmaids, readers and house party are wearing are vintage buttons from the 1950’s that were made into earrings! How awesome is that?!?!

Guest could treat themselves to a bag of coffee. The coffee came from Hunter’s brother, Winfrey Norton, when he worked and helped with a coffee farm in the Peace Corp in Guatemala.

The reception was FULL of fun and dancing….every single person their was on their feet, many with tambourines hand just having a BALL!!!

Congratulations to Courtney & Hunter!!!!

DON’T FORGET to leave the happy couple a comment below!!

Happy Monday Everyone!!






  1. Lindsay

    June 25th, 2012 at 4:29 pm

    Love the details and the photography. The couple photos are especially stunning.

  2. Sara

    June 25th, 2012 at 4:57 pm

    Ok- After seeing the ceremony site I didn’t think it could get ANY better but then- the tambourines!!! I bet that was a great reception!! Not to mention the artist. What a fabulous idea. Last but not least the couple looked AMAZING! The bride was glowing and I know it had to be everything they could have wanted in a wedding day! Congrats and awesome job Sullivan Photography!

  3. Elizabeth

    June 25th, 2012 at 5:29 pm

    Love the dress, her hair is fantastic! Love the car shots and all the creativity! The golf pictures are so awesome! As always, great shots Linds!

  4. Beth

    June 25th, 2012 at 9:06 pm

    Absolutely STUNNING!! The details make me go and want to “replan” a wedding I had 5 years ago. I am so happy you were able to share in on this GORGEOUS wedding… The pictures are absolutely amazing!!

  5. K

    June 25th, 2012 at 10:12 pm

    LOVE these pictures! The creativity is amazing! I can only imagine the work that went into it! And the pictures – well they are spectacular! Love love love. I felt as if I were there. Good Job.. loved the intro from the photographer!

  6. Mark E. Jackson

    June 26th, 2012 at 9:48 pm

    You are so beautiful! I love all of the pictures.

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