Baby William

 I can’t believe I am introducing this couples sweet baby angel! William is absolute perfection…what a blessing! I was Margaret and Jay’s wedding photographer and was so excited to continue to be apart of their lives through photographs! Allison visited their home and did the session to welcome home baby William! It’s a beautiful mix of traditional and modern. <gush!> Margaret and Jay are two of our favorite clients. First, they are the sweetest and most personable couple, but secondly they give us all of their trust. They call and book a session and basically say “we trust you!” Then, once they receive their images they always email us and gush over how happy they are! I can’t tell you what an awesome feeling it is when your client tells you they trust you…especially when your work is as personal as ours. I honestly believe that the work turns out better when we know our clients trust us! So, thank you Margaret and Jay, we love y’all and you are all THREE awesome….correction, you are all FOUR awesome (can’t forget sweet fur baby Char!) So happy for you and your beautiful, growing family. William is perfection.

**At home Newborn Session by Allison for Lyndsey Sullivan Photography




Shelby – Featured Bridals!


Shelby + Justin are married!! What does that mean? It means I get to share this beautiful, stunning, and SWEET bride with you!! Working with Shelby was so much fun. She is one of those people who lights up the room with her beauty and kindness! I have thought this from the second I met her, but to hear her friends talking about her on the wedding day just confirmed my thoughts to be exactly true. She has a heart of gold! Shelby’s bridal portrait day was a little more rushed than normal–we were trying to make sure we beat the rain! It was a pretty bad day weather wise and ya know what? You can’t even tell…because Shelby ROCKED the session and was relaxed and just so happy! We had a blast walking around the state capital building with her parents!! Okay, enough chitter chatter (though I could literally go on and on about shelby’s level of awesomeness…) here are some of my favorites from the day!



Is it Worth the Effort?

Hey Guys! It’s Lyndsey here. I’m about to get on to us. “Us” being moms. Us being the busy, overworked, overtired, doing the best we can, moms.

I have to admit something out loud to all of you….we haven’t taken family photos since Jonah’s newborn session. I know, I can’t believe it as much as you. He will be ONE on Valentine’s day. Time just gets away. Life gets busy,  and let me tell you, running a small business is not easy. Running a business when your child isn’t in full time daycare, even harder. I couldn’t do it without my amazing team… but it’s still hard! My husband has a new-ish job and he works a ton. Scheduling a family sessions seems impossible, and that’s when I have every photography resource at my disposal!

Now, let me be honest…do I regret it? YES. I am so sad that we don’t have a family session from when Jonah was six months and we called him “perma-smile” because if he was awake, he was smiling. I am glad however, that I have tried to do a session at all his major milestones. Having these photos of him are priceless. But today I also vow to do better and to make the effort to take family photos each year!

Today, I have officially scheduled our family session with Laura, and it’s worth the time it will take to plan outfits and schedules. It IS worth it. Now, I know I get my session done for free, because ya know that’s one of the perks of being a photographer. 🙂 But, is it worth $400, $500, $1000 to have family photos and prints displayed in your home? YES. It IS worth it.  Will your toddler be perfect? Probably not. Will it be stressful? Probably so. In 10 years will you be happy you invested in photos of your family over buying a new purse? YES. You will. Trust me. 🙂 I look at so many of our awesome clients who invest so much each year in photos of their family, and I am SO proud of them. Looking through some of these portraits Laura took this year make me smile because every single image is one their mom will treasure forever! Forever is a long time. Invest in portraits of your family. Whether it’s with us, or with another awesome photographer, just do it. Stop putting it off and make the effort, because I promise you won’t regret it!

Here are a few favorites from Laura’s recent family sessions 🙂 Enjoy!!


Email us to schedule your child or family session! We can’t wait to hear from you!

Williams Family Newest Addition

The Williams family was so sweet to ask us in to their home to take photos of their newest addition. I mean what a sweet angel he is. The nursery included every detail decorated to perfection, and Allison spent the day capturing these sweet memories. Make it to the end of this post to see the sweetest baby details. Melt my heart.

Congratulations to the Williams family!!!

****Photos by Allison for Lyndsey Sullivan Photography

Abbey + Lee – Happily Ever After

Happy New Year everyone! I am starting off this year with one of my favorite weddings. Abbey + Lee’s day was full of laughter and SUNSHINE! I highlight this point because it being sunny on Abbey + Lee’s wedding day was super deserving. We dealt with SO much rain during her Engagement session (FULL ON SEVERE STORM WARNING YA’LL!) and Bridals! I kept telling her each time…”This just means it will be sunny on your wedding day!” Thank the Good Lord I was right and we got the most BEAUTIFUL sun of the year. Working with Abbey during her entire wedding planning process was such a dream. She was the kind of bride I love to brag about. Seeing her so happy on her wedding day was the icing on the cake. The love that her and Lee have for each other is clearly displayed in every. single. photo. It’s an effortless love you can’t forget.  Okay enough love chatter…on to the photos!

Special, special thanks to Sheila Vaught for making this day everything it was and more with her planning and design!! Also, a HUGE thanks to Jeff Woods for shooting with me for Abbey’s wedding. He’s pretty darn amazing y’all!!!

This next image is my favorite from the day. Without even a face, there is so much emotion and it makes my heart smile. Abbey had such a special relationship with both of her parents and this ride to the church was such a beautiful memory!

Cheers Abbey + Lee! You two are so special to me!!!


M o r e   i n f o