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February 21, 2017

Hey Everyone!! I am so excited because today is the day we roll out our new portrait structure,  for ALL of our portrait sessions: Newborn, Lifestyle, Milestones – 6 & 12 months, and Family Sessions! This year, we are dedicating ourselves fully to each client’s session from planning to printing. Y’all. It’s going to be AMAZING!!!  I’m excited about all of that, but most of all, I’m excited because we are adding one more type of session for our clients here at Lyndsey Sullivan Photography!! Before I tell you what they are exactly, let me tell you how these came about:

When I became a mom, I treasured the portrait sessions. These are sessions that I want and need every year. I wanted the newborn, six month and one year milestones. I wanted an entire session dedicated to those ages! They are portraits of our sweet son that capture his age and his personality and can hang on the wall for years to come. I want those portrait sessions and always will. Some of my favorite portraits from those sessions are up on my wall and they will NEVER, and I mean EVER come down. That sweet smile, those chunky legs and cheeks. They are forever engrained in my memory. What I also realized though, was that any photos of us in our home, or in our elements with our son were on our iPhones. We didn’t have any professional photos of us doing our thing. Our daily, what seems to be mundane, but is actually the beauty found in our every day life. The baths, the crawling, the mess, the playing at the park, the eating popsicles. The list goes on. I then started thinking how great it would be to have photos like this at ANY age…baking cookies with your 5 year old. Painting, coloring, playing games. There really isn’t any age that wouldn’t work for these sessions. These sessions are not something you would want every year, but may every few years! After mulling these sessions over the past two years, we decided to finally start offering them to our clients, and thus

“A Day in the Life” sessions were born.

These sessions are for any age family with children 7 months and older. They take place in your home, or somewhere that captures your life and what it may look like on any given day! This can be a park, your house, your yard, an ice cream shop or all of the above! We spend a lot of time (2-4 hours) doing nothing but shooting you and your family in locations that you are all comfortable in. It allows us to really capture the essence of you and your family and the relationships you share. The images are ALL black and white. Yes! You heard that right! Black and white images will touch your heart in a very special way. They allow for emotion of an image to stand out without any distractions!

There’s one more thing about these fabulous sessions we must share. VIDEO!!!! Laura, one of our photographers here at LSP is offering a video add on to these sessions. It will capture the sweet moments and highlights from your session in approximately two minutes. Y’all, when I say these are fantastic…..they are FANTASTIC.  We will have a sample up soon, and you can click HERE to see the video titled “A Day in the Life.”

If you are interested in these session, please email us: lyndsey@lyndseysullivanphotography.com and we would love to send you some information!

Below are two session examples. One of the Anthony family (8 month old ) and one of the Kellerman family (5 year old.) These sessions are near and dear to our hearts and we can’t wait to capture your family’s “A Day in the Life!” session!

The Anthony Family

Each session comes with a Coffee table book or Heirloom Album.

You can also add a short 1-2minute video. Laura shoots all of our short videos here at LSP!

See the Anthony family video HERE

Scroll down to see another sample of “A Day in The Life” session!






The Kellerman Family

“A Day in the Life”




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